Laurel Boardman

Certified Personal Trainer

In home studio in NE Portland
Home visits available

I have over 15 years experience and have worked with people of varying ages and fitness levels. I can help you reach your fitness and health goals. I address the body holistically by increasing your muscular strength and flexibility, your cardiovascualar fitness and your core strength. I work in the greater Portland and Vancouver area.

Other services I offer

For pain and injury treatment

Somatics-a modality which emphasizes neuro-muscular reprogramming, not unlike reprogramming a computer. We teach the body a new way of operating through gentle exercises that actually change the muscle memory.

For Health and Wellness

Detoxing Foot Spa-I use the NRG foot spa to gently facilitate the body's natural healing process.


Free one time consultation in home or studio.

Personal Training session at the studio $60 session
Personal Training session at your home $75 session
Detoxing Foot Spa at studio $40
Detoxing Foot Spa at your home $55

Laurel Boardman


PO Box #234
1631 NW Broadway
Portland, OR 97232